The energy of the tie-dye event yesterday filled the halls of Bonny Slope Elementary with warmth, laughter, hope, and good feelings. I was honored to be the focus of such a positive and heartfelt celebration.  I was surrounded  by bouncy slides, music, taco trucks, awesome raffle prizes, and opportunities to talk and reconnect with many generous people. I was especially pleased to see a table full of people helping support me by taking the time to write to senators and other important figures about Compassionate Use! And of course, the main attraction was a big hit. 🙂  Vibrant splatters on the floor from the dye seemed to mix themselves into the joyful and messy atmosphere of the small room. The picture posted here perfectly describes the situation. Last of all, I just want to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved/at the event, & all who continue to support me in my fight. I am awed at how dedicated, generous, and hardworking  you have been for these past 2 years.  Your love and kindness is truly what keeps me and my family going each and every day. I’d say we definitely kicked some major ASPS! As a last side note, I’d like to give a shout out to a few people in particular who I know put everything they had into making this happen:tiedye

At the risk of leaving someone out Academy Awards style:

– To Pam Winklesky: Once again, you pull of a wildly successful event with your incredible tie dye expertise!

-To the owner of the taco truck: So grateful for your generosity, as you come all the way from Salem with your delicious food!

-To the Nunez family: You continue to support us with your love in the church community, and helped run an awesome raffle with great prizes!

-To the Samuelsons, Tais, Mans, & Newbys: You just keep giving  your time and heart to run with us! Thankful everyday to have you on our “team”!

So many others, so many volunteers! Thank you!


One thought on “Appreciation

  1. Hello Nathali. I was your age (15 y.o.) when I had cancer. The cancer in me was nearly 100%, and I had only a couple of months to live at the time. I beat the cancer, (no cancer remaining) I am 51 y.o., now, I have a college degree, I have been married for nearly 29 years,, live in a nice house, and looking back at that time (which by the way, the memories are very vivid). I could never have imagined myself where I am now. This is my wish for you. At the time I knew my situation was dire and I was scared. I too had used immunotherapy, but back then it did not work. (Maybe now the immunotherapy these days, more recently, works better than it did back then–that was 1971)! I believe I know how you feel–I was in your shoes once upon a time. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please contact me if you would like to talk or have any questions. I care.

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