It’s Time To Slay Some Dragons


I can’t help but feel some excitement as an extremely meaningful event starts to approach.The NW Sarcoma Foundation Dragonslayer 5k Run/Walk/Bike.I’d love to gather up everyone who’s willing to participate and form an awesome Team Kick ASPS!

My family and I discovered this fantastic fundraiser about 2 years ago, the summer following my diagnosis. I can still remember the beautiful, explosive, tie-dye color of the T-shirts every team member sported that first year. Though different people may attend, and different things may be worn, I know that the event this fall will still overflow with the same pulsing energy, love, & fighting spirit that it always brings to Cook Park. It hasn’t exactly been easy for me to attend and participate in the Dragonslayer each year. The first year, I showed up with a pair of crutches and a wheelchair, due to a newly operated on dislocated hip. I felt triumphant and proud as I swung myself across the last stretch, crossing the finish line with all my family and friends cheering me on.The second year, I was barely able to squeeze out a pass from my doctors, but fortunately got to break free from the hospital for the beloved event. My arm was in a sling, I was tired from head to toe, and I still needed the wheelchair at some intervals, but once again I made it across the line with a crowd of loving people pushing me onward.

This walk, run, and bike, has never been a “piece of cake” for me, from getting there to completing it, but I love it wholeheartedly. Maybe it’s the good feelings it brings to all who participate. Maybe it’s being surrounded with kind friends and family, giving me strength for each step I take. And maybe it’s the knowledge that everyone here is slaying the dragons of sarcoma, especially myself when I make it to the fun run despite the fire balls cancer is throwing at me, trying to get me to accept defeat. I feel great when I take on the challenge and fight the monster trying to attack me.

So I’d like to throw out a challenge to all reading this right now: Please participate in this run/walk/bike on Team Kick ASPS! I am so grateful for all of the love I’ve received in the past years from everyone who has taken the time to come out and support me in this event. Everyone of you are heroes, making a possible life saving choice for others. That’s because, not only is the Dragonslayer a fun way to get exercise, one of the best parts of this amazing event is that it raises money for sarcoma research, one of the rarest and least known about cancers! Sarcomas need this precious research the most in order to save lives!

So even if you are not able to attend the Dragonslayer, I’d be beyond appreciative if everyone could please, please donate and support the team’s goal of $2,000 this year. This cause means everything to me. The Northwest Sarcoma Foundation is a wonderful, generous, non-profit organization that dedicates its heart and soul to raising money for important research.

So what do you say? Will you come out and slay some dragons this September 13th? Because I know for sure that I’ll be there, summoning up my strength to kick some major ASPS!

Here is the link to get started with:



2 thoughts on “It’s Time To Slay Some Dragons

  1. You betcha! Although I’ll be a “virtual walker” for the cause, I couldn’t pass it up!. Take lots of pictures and ask someone to record your speech for us. Slay that dragon, kiddo!

  2. I was proud to walk at the Dragonslayer with you last year, Nathalie! This year I’ll be a virtual walker with you in Colorado. I hope my T-shirt comes in time! The way you keep fighting the dragon with courage each day is an inspiration to many. I’m keeping hope alive for a cure for ASPS! Love you, Grandma

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